How to recover an acer aspire notebook

As a programmer you are asked to do a variety of things...

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One of the more fun thing is, recovering computers to factory defaults.
Usually it's hitting F11 or F12 at boot time(bios screen) to go into the recovery mode to restore the computer.

 BUT... the trick question is: How do I recover an Acer system from the harddrive?

Almost all big name brands have a recovery partition on their harddrive where they keep a pristine copy of the factory installation.
How to access it, that is a challenge.
You could always use a boot cd and set it to primary boot partition... but that's overcomplicating things.

On an acer, at bios screen press ALT + F10 Simultaniously only at the time that the bios screen shows. Usually 3 times helps. Holding ALT and hitting F10 doesn't usally work. You need to hit them at the same time.


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