Alternative to touchpal emoji keyboard

So if you're a bit like me and you're on Android, you might like all the features and dodad's that Touchpal gives, but you absolutely hate the jackpot, the popup ads, the constant nagging bulbs on the sides etc...

Well, I found a solution for it, that doesn't involve shelling out 5 euro's per year in a subscription service to remove overly intrusive ads.
I mean for 5 euro's/dollars I would be willing to buy it, not to a subscription service. my treshold for subscription would be 1 dollar/euro per year to consider it.

Anyhows, I've tried out several other keyboards, but none of them had the nifty features touchpal has that makes it easy to code on android(I can recommend buying AIDE, it's great, terrific, the best there is)

But lately Touchpal started having big banner ads ABOVE the keyboard. That totally turns me off, even hindered input by making the keyboard vanish mid sentence because of something the ad did.
So I shopped around for alternatives, but none of them came with the perfect package deal Touchpal has. If Touchpal had a buy ad free version i'd buy it even if it cost 15 euros, but sadly it only has the subscription service.

To remove the annoying ads(Every 3rd keyboard popup had big banner ads of an inch high) and allowing me to code on, or shitpost on imgur I used no root firewall going in the firewall to apps and double tapping the checkboxes by Touchpal so that the red crosses appear.

And voila, no more banners, no more ads. I can type happy again.


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