Facebook invalid e-mail address error when registering a new account

Sometimes you wish to register a new facebook account to use for work, so your private facebook isn't linked to the company you work for so you don't get the notification of all the pages your company has with your private profile.

Now... you happily wish to register a new account, enter your work email address and facebook gives you an invalid e-mail address warning. You try everything, waiting for a while, hoping it resolves itself. Typing all caps, lower caps, check for spaces, etc... but facebook keeps giving you an invalid e-mail address error.

This is because facebook blocks popular email addresses of websites.

For example if your email address is support@company.com it will give invalid e-mail address
if your email is webmaster@company.com it willl give invalid email address... and I do believe with a lot of emailadresses it will do the same.

So, if you wish to register an a facebook account for your company request an alias of your e-mail address for facebook with your initials for example(mdibbets@company.com for example) or register a quick free e-mail address at www.outlook.com, www.yahoo.com or www.gmail.com and register with that e-mail address.


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